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Craft workshops

I grew up in a creative household and have always gained a great deal of satisfaction from making things with my hands - sewing, cooking, gardening – and over the past few years have been able to develop my interests in a number of particular areas. I now offer courses in the following crafts:

All of these crafts can give people the opportunity to work together in a group, in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment. The finished effects can be either individual or communal depending on the project.

I have included in this site some case studies showing how crafts and PBs may be combined in practice.


Attending my courses will help people to:

  • develop new skills
  • discover artistic potential they didn’t know they had
  • make new friends
  • work to a common goal
  • feel a sense of achievement
  • share ideas and provide encouragement for other group members
  • raise their self esteem

My aim is to help people realise their creativity by introducing people to relatively inexpensive crafts that they can continue on their own if they wish.

All of these crafts can be done with people with a wide range of abilities. The sessions are adaptable and can be modified to fit into most settings. The materials are cheap, easily transportable and require a minimum of processing. Good results can be achieved in some of the individual sessions, particularly glass painting and dream catchers, so participants gain a sense of achievement very quickly.

My courses can be of benefit in a surprisingly wide variety of settings and I have run courses in:

  • youth clubs
  • learning disability centre
  • lifelong learning groups (formerly adult education)
  • prisons
  • drug rehabilitation centre
  • sheltered housing for the elderly
  • MIND daycentre
  • partially sighted centre
  • daycentre for the homeless