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Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours (PBs) is a practical and down-to-earth approach to personal safety for individuals, families and communities of all ages and backgrounds.

It is a process which encourages self empowerment and brings with it the skills to avoid being victimised.

This is achieved by helping people recognise and trust their intuitive feelings (gut reactions) and to develop strategies for self protection.

The PBs process encourages an adventurous approach to life which satisfies the need for fun and excitement without violence and fear.

I became an accredited PBs trainer in September 1997 and since February 1998 have been working as an independent trainer in four main areas:

  • Training sessions for staff wanting to use PBs in specific settings - schools, police, National Children's Homes, domestic violence workers and National Road Safety schemes amongst others!
  • Multi-agency groups – the differing perspectives stimulate rewarding discussions and opportunities to network.
  • Direct delivery of the PBs process to adults, parent groups and children.
  • Family work - I have prepared assessments for the Family Court regarding the value of PBs in family proceedings.

I have included in this site some case studies showing how PBs may be applied in practice.

There is a PBUK website at which provides a detailed account of the PBs process.

Training sessions

Two-day courses

  • Day one is to look at the PBs process.
  • Day two gives participants the opportunity to put those ideas into practice in a safe environment.

The first day is quite structured, as we have to go through the process. Day two is more free-flowing and the participants help to create the agenda. The two days are best spaced up to four weeks apart. This gives participants the opportunity to think about what they have learnt on the first day and to observe how people communicate. Participants will be able to use the ideas for themselves and also with the people with whom they work.

Taster sessions

A flavour of PBs can be given in a taster session which hopefully will encourage the participants to go on a longer course.